What is Sparkit?

Sparkit is a movement and a shift of perspective in life. Sparkit is a Lifestyle, one that represents perspective, leisure, well being, balance, and happiness.  

The Sparkit Lifestyle was conceived in 2004 after spending a summer at the beach hanging out with friends, enjoying life and being in the moment.  After years of enduring the stress that piggybacks a corporate job, I felt as though my soul was being sucked out of me- I decided it was time for a change.

I needed to find balance and perspective. I needed to be able to use my mind, be productive, but also  have an outlet of letting go of the day-to-day stress that riddled me.  With a clearer head and fresher focus, I settled into a new way of being and living. I started to learn how to stop fretting over the frivolous stuff in life, and began appreciating the simplicities that make life amusing. 

Later that year, Sparkit Apparel was created as an extension of the Sparkit Lifestyle. The clothes are ideal for  a weekend at the beach, a road trip to the mountains, a night out at the local pub, or a day off at home. Sparkit offers comfortable fabrics, appropriate fashions, and sensible prices to complement your casual, carefree lifestyle.

In 2014, Sparkit Apparel launched Sparkitland.com offering content and clothing for a community of intelligent people that share a passion for the Marijuana movement. Times are changing and and Sparkit Apparel understands that weed is not a dirty word. Smoking no longer means you are lazy and an unmotivated member of society. Some of the most successful people in this world smoke marijuana and are not ashamed of it. Every day there are new reports on the health benefits of Marijuana
Sparkitland's next chapter will be to offer a platform for smokers who want to share their stories and blogs with a community of: intelligent, motivated and successful pot smokers. Join and support the movement. #Sparkit #ItsALifestyle 
- Sparkit Rob (@Sparkitland)