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I  love to smoke weed.  Smoking a joint or a bowl has always been my top choices.  However, there is only one major downside to these delightful burn session with friends, germs. Germs are one of my top weed dilemmas when sharing smoking devices with friends (and strangers).  The idea of other peoples germs and saliva on the devices I use creeps me out. Consider this, when you french kiss someone for 10 seconds, you exchange 80 million germs (Womans Health). Now while you are not kissing your devices, germs are still pass (especially when smoking joints).

Often times when I am in social smoking setting joints are the preferred method. My secret hope is that I can be the first to puff and pass. And hopefully by the time it gets back to me, the sweet smoke has put me in a state of mind that I can really care less about the wet germ filled wrapper or lipstick stains. So here are some tips I keep in mind when smoking socially. 

1) Don't Smoke With Sick People: The first may be obvious, but avoid sharing a joint, bowl, bong or any device with people who have a cold, just sneezed (and did not wash their hands), and even people you do not know that well.

2) How To Best Hold The Joint: I choose to place my fingers on the area of the joint in which I inhale. This way,  my lips have a barrier between my mouth and the paper... sparing me direct contact with the part everyone has been putting their mouth on. 

3) Don't Be Shy: When smoking out of a bowl or bong. Wipe down the mouth piece before it gets to you. Don't care what people think of you. 

4) Clean Your Bong/ Pipe After Every Session: The 420 Times wrote a great artcile on Germ Proofing Your Bong. It may seem like a pain in the ass to clean your piece after everytime you smoke, but you decrease your risk of getting sick. 

Again, I might be an outlyer in this community. But I have to think some of you out there agree with me. Feel free to share your tips and tricks with @Sparkitland  and  @SenoritaSparkit




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Calana Sparks

Written by Calana Sparks

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